Help your Neighbor

What is Help Your Neighbor?  We all run into occasions where we have a gardening issue, or an appliance is giving us a problem or maybe you can’t find that favorite recipe for slow cooked country style ribs or you have a certain type stain and don’t know what to use to remove it.  Maybe you need a baby sitter; a reliable pet sitter; a trusty handyman.  The list of potential helpful, everyday hints can go on and on.  We believe there is a wealth of stored up information resident in the heads of many of our neighbors.  We see Help Your Neighbor as a forum for exchange of this information. 

If you have a need, submit your request in an email to and we’ll post your question and/or include in the newsletter and see what happens.  A link will be posted to your email address (blind to the sender) so those with an answer can reply directly to you.

This page was last updated: March 25, 2011