Poquito Pets:
Poquito Pets is a service to the community that allows pet owners to be easily contacted if their pet is lost or found by someone else.  We strongly encourage all pet owners to register their pets by printing and then filling out the form that is below. You may either mail it or drop it off with one of the persons listed here.
The contact for this service is:  Mary Rush.  Her address is:  23 Poquito Road, Shalimar, FL 32579.  Her phone number is:  651-7079 and her email address is:  MaryPBCA@aol.com.  Her assistant or back-up is Cathy Halprin, phone number:  651-6448.  Her address is:  6 Japonica Lane, Shalimar, FL 32579 and her email address is:  Halprins@cox.net."

NOTE:  If you lose a pet or find someone else's pet, please call or email Mary first and then copy Cathy.  They will notify Jerry Rush so that he can send an email out to the community.

This page was last updated: January 31, 2011