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A Bit of Background

The Poquito Bayou Community Association (PBCA) was formed in 1996 to promote the general welfare of the community, to recognize and develop ways and means of fulfilling objectives that will benefit all who live here. This includes many projects that contribute to the economic, social and civic betterment of this wonderful community.

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Member Spotlight

Jerry Rush

Margaret J. Wheatley


Thursday was a sad day, when it started with hearing of the sudden loss of a dear friend for so many of us, Jerry Rush. I don’t know exactly how old he was, and despite his weakening illness, I was not ready for his passing. Among my feelings of loss and sorrow, there was also regret that because of Covid, our visits were reduced to telephone calls, and I was late returning one from him. So, after a prayer for eternal rest for his soul, I moved on to the many good memories of my friendship with Jerry and Mary that began when they moved into Poquito Bayou in the early 1990’s. 

Jerry was retired Air Force, a senior NCO with a reputation for hard work and integrity. He and Mary had been hugely involved with a community association where they lived in Hawaii, and after a short while here, they (mostly spurred by Mary but Jerry was a full-time partner) saw the need and opportunity to start one in this unincorporated part of the county to not only find solutions for troubling issues but encourage neighborliness and beautification in our 423-parcel subdivision. And the rest is history…After Mary served several terms as president, we convinced Jerry to do the same. 

Although he planned and presided, he was a continuous worker at the park, with his teammates Lendy and Gary, built and ran an email list of nearly 400 people for continual contact, worked at all events especially playing Santa Claus for kids at Christmas at the park, and so much more. After serving as president for several terms, he became long-time membership chair and continued all his other “jobs” in PBCA as well. He also then shared more time in the broader community. 

Jerry was appointed to the newly formed county Parks Committee, and advisory board to the Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners and served until that committee’s work was absorbed into a division of the Public Works department. When a USO was planned for this area of Northwest Florida at our airport but needed volunteers to get started and then operate, Jerry was one of the first, and he eventually became known as Mr. USO for serving extensive hours and responsibilities, especially the early (4:30 am) shifts for years, until his health took precedence. 

Poquito Bayou has much to be grateful for, to Jerry and Mary Rush. Our hope is that we all will dedicate time and treasure to Poquito Bayou Community Association in their honor, for the greater good of our beloved neighborhood. 

- Pat Hollarn 

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